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Wedding Makeup&Hair Trial

Why you need makeup trial

Finding the professional is easy but who is the right artist on your special day of your life?

Trial is an answer. Not only to let you know the artist in person, but you can find out what you need and get consultation with Artist. You can see how artist works and what they use on you.They find the right products and styles to make you feel more confident on your wedding day. 

Wedding Makeup Trial

  •  Needs to be scheduled at least 1 month in advance. If you have chosen your wedding date, you need to be on scheduled trial as soon as possible. - Come with clean face and skin, groom your eyebrow, wear white or beige top and prepare your wedding makeup and hair inspirations on trial day.
  • We will bring and setup professional makeup light in the room.We need table and chair for makeup setup. There is no need to have your family and friends in the room. Only the Artist and You. (Because We want to listen to you only. It's your day and your decisions surely count.)
  • Makeup trial takes 1.5-2hours, we will document and put in photography portfolio what we used on you for your wedding.

Trial day isn't specific but surely needs day time to highlight your natural beauty and conceal any flaws.

- We encourage to have open minded conversations and be realistic of what you want and what we can do on you to make you look beautiful just the way you are. 

“Be yourself Be Beautiful” 

I love Makeup & Hair on trial, how can I book All Brides NewYork for my day?

We allow you have 48 hours after trial before making yourdecision. You can book us by making a deposit and signing of contract to secure our service for the day. Call/text 1(347)-536-8764 

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